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Empower Your Audience with Kathleen Donaldson: Transformative Mental Health Education for a Resilient Future

Passionate mental health educator
Co-author of the Calm and Connected Toolkit (CCT)

In her compelling public speeches, Kathleen delves into the innovative Trusted Adult Program she has created. Fueled by a 2-generation approach to mental health and wellbeing, this program is designed to establish webs of trusted adult support, a crucial lifeline in today's challenging times. Attendees can expect to gain insights into the transformative impact of the program, which equips both youth and adults with essential skills, practices, worksheets, and perspectives to navigate the complexities of mental health.

Yakima Training Trusted Adult
Trusted Adult Training

Moreover, Kathleen passionately addresses the critical intersection of mental health and the workplace. Drawing on her extensive background, she shares valuable insights on fostering a culture of well-being within professional settings. Her talks cover strategies for maintaining mental wellness in the workplace, emphasizing the importance of a supportive environment for both employees and employers. Kathleen's expertise extends to professional development, where she explores how cultivating mental health awareness and resilience contributes to individual and organizational success.

Whether discussing the foundations of the Trusted Adult Program or delving into the broader landscape of mental health and its impact on the workplace, Kathleen Donaldson brings a wealth of knowledge and a compassionate perspective to inspire and empower her audience. Her talks serve as a beacon for creating healthier, more supportive, and thriving professional communities.

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