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Trusted Adult General Training

Introducing the Trusted Adult General Training – Your Gateway to Empowering Youth Through Partnership, Wellness, Science, and Hope!

Unlock the potential of positive mentorship with our comprehensive training program designed to shape Trusted Adults capable of fostering social and emotional well-being in youth.

Module 1 - Become a Trusted Adult Training

Empower yourself to be a beacon of social and emotional health. Gain insights into your role as a model for youth, anticipate their mental health needs, and master the art of skillful engagement. Completion of Module 1 sets the stage for the impactful use of Module 2 with the youth.

Kathleen Donaldson Trusted Adult Training

Module 3 - Wellness Breaks

Dive into lesson plans enriched with key points, reflective questions, and mindful self-compassion practices. These Wellness Breaks are a comprehensive proactive Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) strategy, aligned with current SEL topics. Integrating engaging video resources, they are curated for the developmental appropriateness of High School students.

Kathleen Donaldson Trusted Adult Training

Module 2 - Strengths Assessments and Wellness Wheels

Equip yourself to guide youth in identifying strengths and goals vital for their health and wellness journey. This module serves as a proactive tool, fostering a positive community climate grounded in effective youth-adult partnerships.

Kathleen Donaldson Trusted Adult Training

Module 4 - Resources for Continued Learning

Access a wealth of additional materials to further support your journey. Module 4 ensures ongoing growth for adults and professionals invested in the training.

Kathleen Donaldson Trusted Adult Training

Module 5 - Evaluation

Master evidence-based strategies for evaluating the effective implementation of the CCT. Ensure your impact is measured and enhance the overall success of your youth engagement initiatives.

Kathleen Donaldson Trusted Adult Training

But it doesn't end there!


After completing the training, you'll be equipped to implement the invaluable tools from Modules 2 and 3 directly with the youth in your community. We provide a comprehensive 12-session implementation guide along with consulting for facilitators integrating these tools into existing youth programs.


Embark on this empowering journey with the Trusted Adult General Training – where Partnership, Wellness, Science, and Hope converge to shape a brighter future for youth. Ready to make a difference? Set up a consultation call now!

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