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Train the Trainer

Transformative Training Experience: Unleash Your Potential with Train the Trainer Program!

Unlock the secrets to becoming an exceptional CCT instructor with our comprehensive Train the Trainer program, designed to elevate your skills and empower you to make a lasting impact.

Part 1 - Learning the Fundamentals


Embark on a journey with Kathleen as she unveils the research-backed foundations of the CCT. Gain key insights crucial for teaching this class effectively. This part involves enriching at-home readings and culminates in a brief quiz to ensure your mastery of the concepts.

Part 2 - Going Through the Training Itself

Immerse yourself in the training experience as Kathleen guides you through its intricacies in small, digestible segments. Learn how to teach essential concepts, lead engaging exercises, and connect with groups. This hands-on approach ensures you're well-prepared to impart knowledge effectively.

Part 3 - Teach Back

Put your newfound skills to the test! Collaborate with fellow trainers to present different parts of the training. Receive constructive feedback from Kathleen to refine your techniques and enhance your delivery.

Part 4 - Practical Application

Craft a detailed implementation plan tailored to your community. Develop strategies for evaluation, ensuring your training has a tangible and positive impact on the individuals you serve.

Part 5 - Ongoing Community of Practice and Individual Coaching

The learning doesn't stop after the training! Join our monthly community meetings to discuss real-world applications of CCT tools and share your experiences. Kathleen offers individual coaching to provide personalized support, ensuring you feel confident and equipped to excel.

Bonus Feature: Co-Training for Enhanced Impact

We encourage trainers to embrace co-regulation and prioritize group well-being. Kathleen is available as a co-trainer, offering invaluable support as your organization or community builds capacity. This optional strategy goes beyond the formal program, providing an extra layer of expertise.

Seize this opportunity to become a CCT expert and join a community dedicated to excellence in training. Elevate your impact - Set up a consultation call now!

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