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Professional Speaking

Elevate your community or organization with Kathleen's compelling insights on building unshakeable community resilience. Book her now for an inspiring session that unlocks the secrets to fostering enduring strength and unity.

Trusted Adult General Training

A comprehensive program empowering mentors to support youth. After completion, participants can implement tools with a 12-session guide and facilitator consulting. Join the journey of Partnership, Wellness, Science, and Hope. 

Trusted Adult Training
Services Kathleen Donaldon
Train the Trainer

Elevate your training skills with our Transformative Train the Trainer Program. This 5-part journey covers fundamentals, hands-on experience, teach-back sessions, community-specific planning, and ongoing coaching. 

Professional Development

Elevate your workplace with the "Emotional Intelligence and Well-being at Work" Training Program, designed to empower your team. Enjoy benefits such as increased retention, reduced absenteeism, enhanced productivity, and improved well-being. Enroll today for a journey towards empowered and fulfilled employees.

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